Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thematic Photographic #37 --- Busted --- by Nature

As I mentioned yesterday I have many, many, oh so many, photos from our trip to Virginia. Rather than a chronological travelogue (yaaawwwnn!) I'll just skip around. Therefore, in the spirit of Thematic Photographic here are some photos illustrating this week's theme busted as offered up by Mother Nature herself.

The last week of January brought ice, sleet, and snow across the central U.S. (See here, here, and here for some samples.) We got off easy here in SW Missouri compared to northern Arkansas, SE Missouri, southern Illinois and western Kentucky. We drove through unbelievable destruction, that a month after the storm, still looks like a giant machete went through the area, slashing trees of all heights and girths. The beautiful blue sky and clear roads made it difficult to imagine the tons of ice and velocity of winds that caused such chaos. Our photos are near the intersection of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. What you'll see here is actually about half the severity of destruction that we saw near Paducah, Kentucky and the southern tip of Illinois.

Hell hath no fury like Mother Nature!

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Carmi said...

What an extraordinarily sad thing to see! I know it's the whole cycle of nature thing, and it'll all grow back and then some. But still, it's jarring to see it just after it's happened.

When a massive ice storm crippled the U.S. northeast and parts of Quebec and Ontario in 1998, I remember driving through about a month later with my jaw hanging down from all the destruction. It took years for the forests to return to normal, but even now you see some stretches that just couldn't recover.

Nature's amazing, isn't it?

Thanks, Barb, for this amazing take on the theme. Glad you're home OK.

Myrt said...

.....amazing, Barb - thanks for sharing.