Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Layers of White

We can always count on a winter storm to offer up photo ops, so I interrupt the afore-mentioned photo phunk to bring these tidbits of our freezing rain-sleet-snow storm.

Last night I stepped onto the patio and nearly landed on my butt-io! The invisible drizzle had waxed the ground to a slick sheen. Later when I had to take the garbage to the road I stepped into a half inch of sleet on the driveway -- don't forget the ice underneath. at 6:00 this morning when the dogs wanted out their usual trek down the back stairs would have amounted to animal cruelty so I let them out the front door knowing full well they wouldn't go very far. During the night freezing rain put a layer of ice over the sleet and the dogs could barely keep their footing.

Cookie (a girl) was able to brace her front paws against the edge of the grass and assume a safe position.

Shakes (a boy) was so comical as he tried to maintain the tripod position required for his constitutional.

Emma (a girl) is always very picky about where she settles but she couldn't keep her footing anywhere and was ready to give up and just hold it. Uh-uh! She finally hunkered down as needed.

The grass was encased in ice and sleet. The sleet came down quite heavily with the texture of gritty snow. The bird feeders held more icicles than seeds, but the birds were still able to enjoy a snack or just pose on an icy fence.

This evening, eight hours after the photos above were taken, we have well over an inch of ice and sleet on the ground and the precipitation is changing to snow. Forecasters are calling for 1-3 inches of snow tonight. Before it got too dark I snapped these photos of the shrubbery along the front porch:

From the looks of things there will be more photo ops tomorrow, possibly with sunshine to add sparkle to the white stuff.
Here in Branson we have treacherous roads, school closings, businesses closing early, and a generally slippery mess. But just a few miles to the south in Arkansas they have had nothing but freezing rain, leaving nearly two inches of ice on the ground and wrapping the limbs and wires with dangerously heavy coats of ice. Most of the power is out and full trees are falling under the weight. My husband and his partner are somewhere between here and St. Louis driving a semi with a 53 foot trailer. I keep them posted on the weather and wouldn't be surprised if they just pull over for the night.
I pray for safety for everyone in the Ozarks and the rest of the country as this system works its way from west Texas to Washington D.C.


me said...

Beautiful pics. I love the icy branches. Hope hubby is safe and warm.

lisaschaos said...

Your pooches are adorable! And I love seeing your ice! So pretty but glad it's there. :)