Monday, January 26, 2009

Photo Phunk

For the past couple of weeks it seems that I have slipped into a photography funk of sorts. Part of it is the amount of time I have been spending on the Made For Keeps side of my business, but a lot has been this dreary, colorless winter.

Today we await a winter that could bring up to an inch of ice to our area. A little further north they will get snow. Given the choice, I would take the snow. Snow doesn't stick to power lines weighing as much as 500 pounds from pole to pole, creating a sure threat of power outages. Snow scoops more easily off the streets and roads. Snow also makes prettier photos!

So, while I don't have photos today for Macro Monday or Thematic Photographic, I will be visiting every one's blogs, as well as the Phabulous Photographers. I know that looking at every one's blogs and wonderful photos will be the inspiration I need to get back behind the camera. That's what is so great about the blogosphere!

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Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Barb, your ice pictures look a lot like the ones I posted for today..please no slipping or falling on the ice!!!It is pretty to look at , but not to be in it....
Have a good day. Hugs, Baba