Friday, February 5, 2010

Capturing Snowflakes

Many folks are not likely to appreciate these pics, especially those in the Mid-Atlantic states today, but I just couldn't help snapping some shots of our SW Missouri snowflakes.  Like much of the country we have had a very wet and cold winter (global warming? yeah, right!).  I've actually lost count of the snowfalls we've had this year.  Last year and two years ago we had a combined total of 3 measurable snows. 

The snow this morning started as rain, turned to sleet, then burst into large heavy flakes.  Gorgeous!  And the best part?  It didn't stick to the roads!  This kept up for quite a while, but is now just cloudy.  But never fear -- another storm is on the way in a couple of days.  I know, I know --- what's the big deal?  I guess I am still enjoying the winters I missed out on for the 30 years I lived in the Arizona desert. 

This is the view from my deck, zoomed in on the woods below.......
With a toasty fire going and a warm mug of hot chocolate (laced with Amaretto) I could watch this all day.  But of course I don't plan on going into town today, either.