Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Picture This At Last" Is Relocating to Hampton Road....

More than two years ago I entered the blogosphere for the very first time with this blog.  It was a great way to let our friends and family in Phoenix know about our new life in the Ozarks.  I was surprised at how quickly this forum became a whole new window on the world and a door to open to new friends and ideas.  Thank you all for your support and inspiration through comments and your own blogs.

I've been neglecting "Picture This...." and my favorites far too long.  Expansion of my photography, greeting cards, art and writing have led to other blogs in an attempt to separate these businesses and interests.  In particular, the photography opportunities have grown to the point where I am establishing a new business called Hampton Road Photography and a new blog to go with it.  With any luck that will become a website, not to mention a growing enterprise.

Additionally, I am so at home in Branson and want to support this community's interests and tourism.  So, my blog The Family Branson will be getting more attention.  Along with highlighting shows and attractions in the Missouri Ozarks I want this blog to portray life in a very blessed and beautiful area.

My greeting cards will continue to appear on Made For Keeps, as that is a passion-turned-business that has enriched my life immensely with creativity, friends, and artistic design.

Occasionally I am inspired by words.  The Oyster's Pearl will be the new home for writing, whenever that spirit moves me.  Not much there yet, though!

I hope you all will follow me on these new blogs.  It will be good to catch up with everyone!


me said...

I will be good to read more from you!

Stef H said...

what a gorgeous picture. my hubby has relatives in branson. me? i love the place!!!!