Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

As many others during the past couple of weeks I have taken a respite from posting due to other activities of the holidays. So I am bringing into the New Year new memories of the year just past. A favorite holiday attraction in Branson is Silver Dollar City with over 4 million lights throughout the park and another 400,000 on the tree in the main square! To close out the 2008 holiday season I introduced my brother and his fiance to this world famous event.
The centerpiece of the park is the 5 story special effects Christmas tree. Here is a sampling of the dozens of light patterns that are set to music.
Throughout the park every building, every fence and just about every tree and shrub is covered in lights!

In addition to shops filled with hand made crafts, theaters featuring music and plays, and a variety of fun rides and roller coasters, there is food-food-food and the best hot chocolate in the world!

So we joined thousands of others in one of the most beautiful and fun Christmas cities. What a great way to leave 2008 behind (gladly) and welcome 2009 with hope for better times.
Happy New Year!


madcobug said...

Those light are beautiful. Happy New Year! Helen

me said...

Barb - I LOVE this....hmmmm you might get some house guests some winter weekend...just saying. Spotty Chop loves lights.

Devona said...
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