Friday, December 26, 2008


I got these beautiful awards from Jama! Please visit her blog for beautiful sights in Singapore, peaceful nature shots, and yummy dishes. She is a talented photographer and sweet friend. Thank you, Jama!
I am passing these on to Heidi, Terri, Gina, Mike, and Julie. Each of these folks is a talented and involved photo blogger. I learn from each one of the, besides just enjoying their work.


gina said...

I am really honored. Thanks so much for the awards and compliments! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Heidi said...

You are too sweet! (Now I should get back around to doing some more photography!) Thanks so much, Barb. You definitely deserve this award (as well as the others you have listed here.)

Mike said...

Wow, thanks Barb. I just got in from New Orleans and found this! I am definately honored. Like Heidi said you definately deserve this! Congratulations on this award and thank you for the honor.


Terri said...

Thank you Barb! I totally missed this the other day. I'm honored.

Hope your holidays are joyful!