Sunday, August 24, 2008

Who, What, When, Where and Why --- Part 5

Almost there! Here is segment #5 of the photo:

That should almost give it away --- except for the unscrambling the name of the photo

Here are two more letters: I H

So now you have 10 letters and, unscrambled, will be one of the two parts of the title. Here are all 10 letters: N R E W E O S E I H

To recap why I am doing this (other than it is my blog and I can):

In a few days my mom and I will be trekkin' to Virginia for a very special opportunity. Some of you might know what I'll be doing. But I thought I'd have my own fun for a few days to prepare for the trip.

I'll post 1 of 6 sections of a photo (that I did not take) each day and see who can guess what it is before the whole thing is revealed. Actually, that is the easy part, as you will see. But I will also show two letters for each of the first 5 days and three letters on the 6th day. Unscramble those for the title of the photo.

At the end I'll reveal the rest of the answers to Who, What, When, Where, and Why. This really isn't very tough and is probably more for my own fun, because I am getting really excited.

A review of the photo segments:


Carmi said...

There are few things prettier on the water than a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier. I get chills every time I see one, and I thank my lucky stars that the U.S. continues to invest in this critical piece of global security capability.

Oh, I'm about to post the new Caption This. I suspect you'll be pleased. Really!

me said...

Barb is a Wiener Barb is a Wiener!!!

Carol said...

Yay, I was right... but I am still clueless on the why and my brain is frazzled from trying to unscramble... LOL...

i will be back!