Saturday, August 23, 2008

Colorful Sunday Smiles

I just have to direct you to one of my favorite blogs The Lurchers and her Sunday Smiles post today. The list of little-known-and-who-really-cares-anyway facts is very interesting and quite amusing in and if itself. But her quips after each one are rib-tickling and down right hilarious. Check it out for some grins and giggles.

As this week's theme is "colorful", colorful also being defined as "interesting: interesting or exciting and sometimes amusing", this is a fun diversion, too.

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Robin (PENSIEVE) said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Did you know you WON (tied) this week's Caption This @ Carmi's??? I knew your offering was a real contender, so it wasn't a big surprise!!

Wahooo!! to YOU!!!