Saturday, August 9, 2008

Patterns Found Aboard a River Boat

While writing a post for one of my other blogs (The Family Branson) I realized how many patterns I had captured in the pictures of the Showboat Branson Belle. Some are patterns designed for the purpose of interior decor, some for exterior decor. Then there was a pattern that I noticed only because I have patterns on the brain right now.

So, here are more patterns for this week's Thematic Photographic ... and a shameless plug for my other blog.

At the White River Pier passengers can wander around the shops. Notice the pattern of the planks, every other one treated for non-skid wandering.

Leading from the stunning first deck lobby to the second and third decks are grand staircases lined with ornate scroll banisters.

The golden pipes of the vintage calliope are arranged for visual beauty as well as musical fun.

The nautical compass design in the lobby carpet is more clearly viewed from the third deck.

A stroll aft to see the paddle wheels reveals the wake ....

Yesterday we were on the boat again (because we really enjoy it!) and I was noticing the patterns in the wake made by the paddle wheels. Not having my camera with me, because I have a file full of pics from the boat already, I came home and pulled up said file to see if I have already captured this pattern. What I noticed between the two paddle-tracks was a pattern much like the squares of a belgian waffle. This file picture is close to what I saw yesterday (maybe video would show the pattern more clearly, but I work with nano seconds of time). Anyway, it was an unexpected criss cross of the two wakes and delightful to look at.
Join the fun of Thematic Photographic! This week the theme is patterns. And check out all the very awesome pictures already posted by the TPers!


smarmoofus said...

Wow... that wake-pattern was quite a catch! I don't think I would've noticed that.


Carol said...

super photos Barb, the railing catches my eye and the compass also... great patterns!

Jenelle said...

Cool patterns! I like the last one a lot. I've never been on the Branson Belle but have always thought it sounded fun.