Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thematic Photographic 10 - Patterns

Oh, Carmi, you picked a good one this week for Thematic Photographic! Patterns!

When I hear the word patterns dozens of experiences and interpretations come to mind:

* I began sewing at the age of five making Barbie doll clothes from patterns.
* When I started picking out my own clothes I learned about fabric patterns. I made sure the polka dots were not paired with plaids
* Then I started making my own clothes, decorating my home, painting pictures, and designing greeting cards, utilizing colors and matching patterns for interesting and appealing creations.
* As a student of psychology and a corporate supervisor I studied voice and thought patterns to understand people better.
* As an artist I observe the eye-catching patterns all around me, be they devine creations or man-made by inspiration.
* As a photographer my lens seeks patterns, whether abstract or geometric; natural or constructed.

We are surrounded by, and often live by patterns. Whether they are visual or auditory, habits or design, helpful or not so helpful, there they are.

So much for that! For the Thematic Photographic I will narrow the patterns to those I can present in photographs.

My last post featured a bumble bee, coated in pollen, moving from flower to flower, (thus validating the obversation by the King of Siam in the classic musical The King and I that "flowers do not ever go from bee to bee to bee!") This bee, though looking quite sugar-coated, had a pattern of black and yellow bands around his body.

In that same post I planted a bright sunflower (ugh! sorry for the pun) with the promise of showing more later. Later is now. The perfect circular pattern of the seeds in the center are definitely devine creations, examples of the beauty that we are blessed to see every day --- for free!

As promised, here are more shots of the sunflowers:

If you are visiting my blog by pattern or by accident, welcome --- and join the fun with your own patterned Thematic Photographic!


Mojo said...

I've always been fascinated by things that you'd think Should Be Random having an Anything But Random-ness to them.
Love these pattern-ific samples!

Heidi said...

Patterns in nature are the best, no? These flowers are beautiful photos!

Carmi said...

Until I saw these pictures, it never dawned on me that nature is such a prolific painter of patterns. You've opened my eyes today, Barb. So cool!

The bee...just plain freaky-cool.

Carol said...

sunflowers are one of my favs... they just make you feel good.. since flowers do have their own pattern i think this is a perfect one for carmi's theme... and the cute bee is a bonus, being in the right place at the right time....

a good one Barb, i enjoyed.

smarmoofus said...

Let me just go on the record as saying that last photo, of the about-to-bloom sunflower is great! It looks like an artichoke. So very cool!