Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tourists Deserve a Big "Thank you!"

Skyrocketing gas prices, air fares and costs for nearly all consumer goods hit the tourism industry first. For a town like Branson (population 6500) that hosts over 7 million visitors per year this economic condition is disastrous. So when I see out-of-state license plates on vehicles of any size or shape I wave, give a thumbs up sign or some other gesture of welcome. When I meet people in our shop, in the theaters or restaurants I thank them for coming to Branson. We are happy they are here.

We gauge our busy season by the traffic in town. Sad to say it has been fairly easy to get around without too many traffic jams. Last weekend, though, we nearly had gridlock! Some of the visitors I saw in town were from:

Maryland Texas Virginia Oregon Florida
California Iowa Washington St. Indiana Colorado
Illinois Oklahoma Nebraska Tennessee Mississippi
South Dakota Minnesota Pennsylvania Kentucky
New York Michigan Kansas and, from the north, Canada

So, to all of our visitors:
Thank you for coming to Branson in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks. You are welcome here any time!

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