Monday, July 7, 2008

"High School Musical" Mania --- And We Love It!

My nephew in Moorhead, Minnesota has spent the better part of the past year living and breathing the popular "High School Musical". For months they have been practicing, performing, and preparing to take their production to Scotland next month. Now, even more good news: USA Weekend has placed them in the top 5 high school productions of HSM. Below is the blog from Straight Up and Slightly Dirty, proud Mom.

Warning: Shameless Plug Ahead....

A while back, the parents and directors behind our year long project of Moorhead High School's production of High School Musical, entered a contest sponsored by USA Weekend. This contest will decide the best production of High School Musical in the Nation - and we are in the top 5!

Please take a second to click on this link and watch snippets of the top five finalists - then VOTE for MOORHEAD HIGH! Hurry though, voting ends Wednesday, July 9th!

Congrats, Jarrod, parents and MHS!

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Linda said...

Thanks for the linky luv sis! And thanks for passing on the shameless plug!