Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Thematic Photographic 6 --- Light

Wednesday has become my favorite day. That's the day that Carmi over at Written, Inc puts out the Thematic Photographic theme for the week. This week he has given us quite a challenge: light. Interesting and challenging because light comes from many sources and creates endless effects.

Since we just celebrated Independence Day, and this is our first year in a state that allows personal fireworks displays, and I have a fascination for fireworks, I have dozens and dozens of photos just from last weekend. Therefore, for my response to the TP this week I choose fireworks for the source and effect of light.

The simplest of fireworks --- the sparklers --- continue to provide endless fun. From the camera angle they are a brilliant subject, in more ways than one.

All through the hills we could see fireworks going off in the sky. Our neighborhood was no different. One of our neighbors treated us to a terrific display. It was the first time I ever had rockets and Roman candles going off right over my head. I kept my camera busy and managed to catch some in that critical split second. Without benefit of tripod I am surprised at the results.

Saturday night we took the dinner cruise on the Showboat Branson Belle, a riverboat on Table Rock Lake that features dinner and a live stage show. This cruise had a bonus attraction: fireworks over the lake. With no tripod, the gentle movement of the boat, and a wind at my back, I still attempted to capture some of the exploding lights in the sky. Here are some:

If you haven't played along with the Thematic Photographics yet, jump over to Written, Inc. and check it out.

Thanks, Carmi, for another fun theme.


Mojo said...

Love the sparkler shots! Long exposure shots like that are tricky.
Not, however, as shooting fireworks handheld from a boat. I've done that too and it's not easy. Fireworks in general are a tricky proposition, then add in the motion of the boat (even if it's sitting still) and even a tripod only offers limited help. So take your props Barb, nice job on those!
(Ironically, I was supposed to be on a harbor cruise for the 4th myself but for various reasons missed the boat -- literally. Maybe next year!)
Oh! My (initial) entry for this week:

Linda said...

Barb - your Thematic and mine are one and the same. I had posted my fireworks (only a few of the 40 or so I actually shot, I'm still editing the rest!) yesterday, but today I did the "painting with light" shots of sparklers.

Yours came out very good despite the no tripod. You're pretty steady!

Heidi said...

These are very fun, Barb! Thanks for sharing with us!

Beverly said...

Those are great. I need to get my manual out and learn how to do photos like that.

Here from Carmi's.

Carmi said...

These absolutely rock, Barb!

It isn't easy to capture fireworks, yet you've made it look easy here: what an awe-inspiring series of pictures. I could practically feel the spirit of the 4th in the way you wrote about the experience.

Brilliance indeed. I'm so happy that you're enjoying Thematic Photographic. I had hoped to have precisely this reaction when I launched it!

pattie said...

FABULOUS!! Thank you for linking to my blog...My heart is full of joy...just like the explosion of joy in the photos...
Artfully Yours,

ciara said...

fireworks are tricky in general and w/o a tripod you managed to take some great photos. i think even w a tripod i would take crappy firework photos. LOL i have posted my pics, too.

Bunny Trails said...

Those are great shots! I posted some fireworks last week, but it was before Carmi did the "light" theme. I really like yours - they turned out quite nice. :D

Robin (the PENSIEVE one) said...

OOooo! I LOVE THE SPARKLER SHOTS! When I was a child, they were one of my favorite things to do and your captures reminded me of that very thing. PERFECT addition to Carmi's "light" theme...and they left me with a big smile :).

I tried to get some fireworks shots with a point and shoot...but let's just say they don't get close to yours. One day I'll be able to do that...just not yet.

smarmoofus said...

Wow! I can't believe you got those without the benefit of a tripod! Well done! And those sparkler shots are very cool.