Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thematic Photographic - Bright

While preparing dozens of hand-made Christmas cards I have been quite remiss in regular blogging. But I just can't let a week go by without putting in at least one post for the Thematic Photographic topic. This week's topic is bright, which I could use some of today. The weather is bleak and drizzly, turning to ice so slippery.

It was on another dreary, rainy day in October that we were driving my brother and niece around Table Rock Lake when we stumbled upon a lovely little neighborhood tucked back in one of the many valleys near the shoreline. I have never visited Cape Cod, Nantucket, or the quaint seaside villages that dot the coastlines of New England, Canada and Northern Europe. But I can spend hours looking at photos of those places, admiring the brightly colored buildings that stand out against the mist and fog coming off the sea. So when we stumbled upon these pretty little houses painted in bright colors I felt we had just found our own seaside village, except this is brand new and is a vacation resort called Stormy Point Village. There is a lighthouse replica, too, attached to a large and well-equipped clubhouse. Each cottage has a model sailboat displayed prominently in one of the large windows. If I didn't already live here I would very likely vacation in one of these quaint cottages, hmmmm, maybe the blue and yellow one!

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sealaura said...

what a sweet neighborhood, perfect for the theme. It make me feel bright and happy.