Monday, December 1, 2008

Thematic Photographic 26 --- sans photo con't

Thematic Photographic 26 is all about "sweet". Play along with us! Just click here to Carmi's Written, Inc. for details.

continued from 11/30/08.......

Everyone passed through the buffet line: there was Beth's parents, aunt, uncle and cousin; Bob's sons, daughter-in-law and granddaughter; sister Patty and her honey; and our brother Dave and family. We were missing family members who couldn't be with us other than in spirit.

As everyone began eating, a satisfied silence fell upon the room. Chatter succumbed to chewing. Then the "ohs" and "ahs" filled the silence as the taste buds awoke, drinking in the savory juices and delicious goodness passing over them. Conversations resumed, sharing tales of holidays past and becoming a new family for future holidays. The dishes were cleared, football watching resumed, and the fun never stopped!

We had our own little helper in the kitchen. My grandniece Sienna (who has often appeared on this blog) took her post in her play cupboard. Isn't she sweet? [Surprise! I have photos after all! Just moments ago my sweet brother emailed me some!]

Later on my nephew arrived with his wife and two sweet boys. Zander, 2, (another celebrity of this blog) makes friends wherever he goes and this occasion was no different! He had so much fun getting the grown-ups to build a tall tower with blocks so he could knock it down. That game was replaced with putting the blocks in a bag and instructing the grown-up to "dumpem!" That command continued at breakfast a couple days later as I poured the little creamer cups into my coffee. He is a sweety for sure! The newest member of our gathering was 4-month old Dylan, brother of Zander. Cuddling and cooing, this little sweetheart quickly found his way into my arms.... hmm, now how did that happen?

l. to r.: My niece-in-law Jayme and mommy of Dylan and Zander, my sister Patty, me holding Dylan, Zander, my brother Dave.

Before long everyone started making their way to their homes, taking with them plates for a late night snack along with memories for a lifetime. Dave and family, having traveled from the Great North Tundra of Fargo-Moorhead, were staying the night. They gathered around the coffee table for a rousing game of "Catch Phrase", leaving no doubt that they enjoy their family time when they can get it.

The day passed so quickly, but the miracle of memory will allow me to show replays over and over!


PastorMac's Ann said...

She looks like she expects you to slip her a piece of pie! Sounds like you had a very sweet time together.

Jama said...

It's always fun having a family gathering, time to catch up on the latest gossips! lol

Carmi said...

The sweetest moments often seem to happen when family gets together. This entry is precious. And oh so perfect for the theme!