Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hey, Barb, Where have you been?

'Tis the season so be ...... making Christmas and holiday cards! At last count I have passed the 100 card mark. Whew! Most of them are in the shop at the Branson Craft Mall. Business has not been good, at least in my little cubicle, so many of these will either go online or go to friends and family. I also made a bunch of cards for guest designer calls at other stamp companies.

To see my other passion that has been taking up my time click here, and here, ..... and here. I'll be jumping back over here with some photos.


Jama said...

The card is so beautiful. A few friends of mind who's into scrap-booking are also making their own greeting cards.

me said...

Your cards rock. Not at all what I was thinking of. Good Grief, how long does it take to do one card? A day?

Keep up the good work