Monday, October 13, 2008

Macro Monday

This week I am once again showing close-ups of flowers. I took myself on a very pleasant photo shoot at Silver Dollar City where they have fantastic fall decorations and flower gardens. I shot 300 photos and dozens of those are of flowers. Here are just a few:

These white and red flowers are very delicate and have a shimmer like natural glitter. The center looks like a little dancing Tinkerbelle!

The fall daises were in so many different colors. I love these with the light lavender tips on the petals.
I can't resist catching a little critter hiding in the center, like this polka-dotted green beetle.
The honey bees were buzzing from one flower to another as fast as they could!


lisaschaos said...

So many beautiful flowers! I love your little bug surprises too. :)

gina said...

great job with the macro shots. i see that you do like getting up close and personal to bees as well. :) as long as they aren't on i've scrolled through your pix...wonderful shots! thanks for stopping by my blog.

Gattina said...

Beautiful shots !!

Martha said...

I love these! Thanks for stopping by my blog :-)