Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thematic Photographic 17 - Angles: Cranes and Comedic Couple

It is quite late but I couldn't resist the call of Thematic Photographic. Carmi over at Written, Inc. just announced the new theme of angles. Several photos, old and new, came to mind. But I choose a couple of new ones.

Much to my surprise, downtown Norfolk, VA is a very fun and interesting area, especially near the wharf. Besides seeing boats from little dinghies to mega-yachts, we were treated to a free outdoor jazz fest and lots of people-watching. It is quite an artsy area, as well, and this statue put me in a fit of giggles. I think the angles speak for themselves and fit the theme perfectly.

Across the wharf was this shrouded behemoth. It appears to be a ship under renovation but I don't know which ship. The retired battleship USS Wisconsin has a permanent home next to Nauticus The National Maritime Center, which is near this site. So it could be another retired ship.

This shot is full of angles: the angles of the cranes, the angles within the structures of the cranes, and the hundreds of imagined angles under acres of tarp. Plus the angle of the sun was pretty low in the sky, thus softening the angles somewhat.

Now, off to bed 'cause I can't maintain this vertical angle much longer. Hey, be sure to show off your angles. Click here to see the rules and check out everyone else's angles, too.


Heather said...

I love the first one! What a great interpretation of the theme!! And the photo pf the cranes is nice - well composed!


ciara said...

i love this...and because my dad was in the navy, i appreciate it all the more. the cranes are very cool.

i love the couple statue, too, since it seems the 'man' is at an angle, isn't he? :)

ciara said...

p.s. i'm up at

p.p.s. i remember family cruises as well...don't remember if friends were allowed as we never took any lol

Mojo said...

Since my knowledge from a nautical angle is severely limited, I don't really know what the class of ship is called, but this reminds me of the Inchon... which was sort of a hybrid aircraft carrier and troop transport. I could only handle VTOL aircraft I remember, but it was too long ago when I toured it for me to recall much else.

Heidi said...

I agree with Heather... the photo of the cranes is very well composed and a great take on the theme!

Beat to see that sculpture, too... I have seen couples that look very much like this!!! Funny! :-)

Carol said...

LOL... too funny Barb.. what a cute couple! I'm with Heidi, I've also seen couples similar to these two.. :)

The crane photo is right-on as far as angles go... a good one Barb, it fits the theme perfectly.

me said...

I am so glad you found that photo of Boy Toy and I...I thought it was lost. As for your puns? i just hope you weren't angling for a compliment...