Friday, September 12, 2008

Thematic Photographic 15 - Closeup of Angels

I like to collect angels, all sorts of angels. When I found these adorable figurines I just had to have all I could get. They are designed by Bill Stross and are so realistic that it feels like these precious child angels are right here in the house --- maybe they are! Anyway they make me smile.

I've chosen two figurines. The first one, Lemonade Stand, shows a discouraged little girl with her lemonade prices clearly marked way down.

There is a girl angel pouring sugar into the pitcher and the boy angel whose face shows why. I love the expression and
body language of the little boy angel. Mr. Stross is so accurate I nearly pucker up my face just looking at it.

The second figurine shows another enterprising young man doing dog washing for 25 cents. It looks like he has more than he can handle with his golden customer. As the cat flees the angel comes along to help control the dog while the little boy is so alive with giggles I can almost hear him.

These are just 2 of my favorites. Another is a wedding gift I bought for Jerry and me when we got married. It shows a little boy and girl playing dress-up in grown-up wedding clothes and an angel offering up his halo as the little boy digs in his pocket for a ring. How could I resist?

These aren't easy to find these days, but I am always on the hunt!


me said...

the puckered face is priceless, maybe I should try to recreate it with my own little angel....

Carol said...

What a talent Mr. Stross has, he is right on with the facial expressions, I can't help but chuckle and they are so detailed.
I've never seen these figurines before... what little treasures!

Great closeups Barb.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Barb, Ooooo. how I love your angel treasures..they are too cute and you must enjoy having them around all of the time.Thanks for sharing them with us, Baba