Sunday, July 20, 2008

Thematic Photographic 7 --- Animals III

During the past few days our hummingbird feeders have been busier than normal. We love watching those frisky little creatures. Many have become so comfortable with us that they sit at the feeders even though we may be only a few inches away. When they are chasing each other they will zip right through our deck. As friendly as they are, these hyper-drive hummingbirds just can't seem to sit still for a good pose. However, watching them in flight and getting an occasional freeze-frame is still exciting.

Our deck faces the west and we have had some amazing sunsets. The pinkish orange colors blended with the red nectar for a neon glow and the birds' feathers are so bright.

Then, sometimes, just their silhouettes in flight are beautiful.


Carmi said...

Freakishly cool. Consider me awestruck.

pattie said...

These are wonderful...don't you just love small and beautiful!!
Thank you for always leaving such wonderful comments from your heart to mine....May you continue to grow in your love of life...and always listen to your heart...
Artfully Yours,

Heidi said...

Fun hummingbird shots! Have you ever checked out the Birds and Blooms magazine/website? Your photos would fit well along with this publication!

Mojo said...

I love these! Catching a hummingbird on camera is not an easy task. And I love the contrast of the bright colors of the feeders, the nectar and the birds themselves against the muted colors in the background. That's especially prevalent in the last shot. Great job!