Monday, July 14, 2008

Project Black --- Or Would This Be Blue?

This morning I was headed out to the edge of our "woods" to get some pictures of wildflowers and Japanese Beetles. Well, this little guy scurried across the patio, but stopped long enough for a photo. I first noticed the brilliant blue tail. Now that I have the photo on my screen I see the blending of the electric blue to teal then to black. I'm not familiar with this little newt, but he sure is beautiful and very nice to pose for some good shots.

Then he scurried off as quickly as he came, but not before I caught a bright blue tail in the rocks.

P.S. I did some research and found that this pretty little critter is a blue-tailed skink. They like to eat spiders and grasshoppers. I really like him now! I hope he has lots of relatives with him! (7-15-08)


Raven said...

What a beautiful creature. I'd say he's an nice mix of black and blue. Beautiful shot.

Heidi said...

Fun to see creatures like this! Nice photo catching him out on the rock like this!

Mojo said...

Black or Blue -- either one works. We get these guys all the time around my house, I just never thought to try capturing one in a photo. they're fast little buggers in any case... not so easy to catch.