Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cuteness is .....

New mommies and daddies --- and great-aunts --- always glow when the babies learn something new. They (we) can't resist every chance to show off the cherubs' talents.

My nephew's son, Zander, loves to show off. He is smart and cute and does everything his daddy tells him to, on cue.

"Zander, where is your nose?"

"Very good! Now, where are the boogers?" WHAT............?

[the sound of devilish chuckles from daddy] "Eye boogers, Aunt Barb, eye boogers!"

"My Daddy made me do it!"
See that look of innocence? His daddy once made that pose, too.


Carmi said...

Those eyes are light years beyond captivating. He's a remarkably great photographic subject - something very few kids are.

pattie said...

pure sweetness and love!!