Saturday, May 17, 2008

USS George Washington Visits Valparaiso, Chile

The USS George Washington aircraft carrier.

The Fantail of the GW

Having passed through the Straits of Magellan, the USS George Washington pulled into port at Valparaiso, Chile. Scott reported that this city is a major Naval port, reminding him of San Francisco and Norfolk. Judging by the pictures he has sent, I would definitely see the resemblance to San Francisco. The reference to Norfolk would be the shared characteristics of Naval bases.

Built on a mountainside, the city appears to rise from the sea itself. Fog is a common weather condition, giving the city and the port a sort of surrealism. Some of the pictures Scott sent were taken through the tour bus window, giving the view a bit of reflection, but beautiful, nonetheless.

Valparaiso from the GW

The Chilean National Congress Building

The hillside community of Vina del Mar

More of the hillside city

A "Castle" with a great view of the GW

Armada de Chile

Chilean Navy frigates

Chilean coastline

Chilean coastline

In a couple of weeks the GW will be pulling into San Diego. That's where my son will bid her farewell and head back to Norfolk. This was a tour he looked forward to. Though he will not be on board when the GW reaches Hawaii and meets up with the USS Kitty Hawk, I'm sure he will be remembering the time he spent in Japan with the Hawk. During that tour he sailed to Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Guam. He was on the Hawk on 9/11 and he was on the Hawk for her 40th anniversary. Commissioned on 29 April 1961, she has served the United States and the world for 47 years. She can carry over 5,000 crew members, including the air wing, so imagine how many sailors can say they served the Hawk. If you meet one, thank them for their service.

The USS Kitty Hawk will soon be decommissioned and the USS George Washington will take her place in Yokosuka, Japan. God speed, GW!

The USS Kitty Hawk

The Hawk in Sydney, Australia

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Anonymous said...

What great pictures your son captured of Valpo! I was onboard as well but they flew me home early the third da y in port. It was an absolutely beautiful city and I am so thankful to say I've been there. Your son took some breath taking photos! Thankfully they will be home very soon...