Thursday, May 15, 2008

Chat Pack #1

Browsing through Barnes & Noble is one of my favorite things to do. Now that I have to drive 35 miles to the nearest B&N, I go only about once per month and relish the time more than ever. Along with the books and music, I often find fun novelties. During my most recent trip I found plenty of treasures to read in my designated down time. I also found a little box of cards, each containing a question. This "Chat Pack" is promoted as ideal for dinner parties, classroom activities, and any time to start a conversation. (My team members in Phoenix should be nodding their heads about now, remembering various ice breakers we used in the past.)

Sometimes a blog post is a one-sided conversation, but, hopefully, it will create a dialogue among internet friends. (Description of internet friends: anyone reading a piece online, anyone who puts their comments on a blog or does a follow-up on their own blog, or anyone who reciprocates with their own conversation starter.) One of my favorite bloggers, Written Inc. , posts thought-provoking photographs, challenging his readers to put a caption to the piece or other comments. Trust me, that's an idea I intend to steal shamelessly in future articles.

But for now, and every now and then, I will draw out a card and start the conversation. Here is the question for tonight:

What is one trip you have never taken but would really like to take someday?

The first thing that comes to mind is a trip to Norway and the United Kingdom. Those who know me know that I hate to fly, especially these days. But this is a trip that I would really like to try. Being half Norwegian, exploring the Land of Fjords and Vikings and walking in the ancient footsteps of our heritage would fill my heart in a way that I can't get by just reading about it.

The other half of me came courtesy of UK ancestors. Also, I have always loved historical novels about the British, Scots, and Irish. A trip to those lands would make descriptions from the pages of those books jump to life. I also love anything English, especially London. I once considered moving to Brighton where American Express has an office.

More realistically, due to my disdain of flying, I would really like to be in Vermont for the autumn colors. Yes, we have beautiful autumns here in Missouri, but I can never get enough of fall anywhere. Even a snowbound Vermont lodge with plenty of firewood to warm the hearth, hot chocolate to warm the heart, and books to inspire the imagination would be a great trip. Hmmm.... honey, are you reading this?

What is your dream journey?

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Linda said...

Oooo, I'd love to go to visit the ancient Aztec ruins! wait, Auchtermuchty, Scotland! no, I'd rather see Austrailia... oh heck, I can't choose. And, since I'm not going any further than my own back yard (oops, another Wizard of Oz reference) this summer, I'll just imagine for a while! Did you notice that all three of those places starts with an A... that's weird...