Thursday, April 24, 2008

Prayers Cause Miracles!

Miracles happen everyday. Many miracles go unnoticed; they are taken for granted or considered to be coincidences. Then there are those miracles that jump out in front of you and say "HEY! Look at me! Pay attention!" We recently witnessed one of those.

Our Uncle Earl and Aunt Lorraine are kind, wonderful people. Active in their church and community and always, always helping others in need. They were paying it forward before anyone coined that phrase. To them, though, they are just living good lives as Jesus taught us to. At ages 87 and 86 respectively, Earl and Lorraine are active and "with it". Keeping up with the issues of the nation and the world are as critical to them as ever. They are aware of the changes in technology and get often fully engaged in new gadgets. (Some of you might remember one of my first posts called Never Too Old )

The past year has been very challenging for Lorraine, health wise. The fact that she is so active and involved at age 86 is in itself a miracle. But when the doctors told her that her kidneys were beginning to fail, Lorraine knew she was facing the most serious health challenge of her life. For months there have been tests and medicines, then more tests and adjusting the medicines, then more tests and adjusting vitamins and diet. She was becoming more and more exhausted. On March 2 she was very weak and fell getting out of bed, seriously injuring her chin and required many stitches. We were there a few hours after this happened and saw the weakness and lack of appetite. Only now we can openly say how afraid we were for her life.

Two weeks ago their prayer group prayed over Lorraine for healing. This in addition to many prayers throughout the family and circle of friends for Lorraine and for Earl. Friends came daily with food to help ease the burden of meal preparation. Good nutritious food is now being delivered daily. Earl reported that Lorraine was beginning to gain strength.

Last week Mom and I drove to Iowa to see them and found quite a surprise! Earl and Lorraine wanted to meet us for dinner when we got in. Lorraine wanted to get out for awhile. The improvement in her strength and appetite in just 6 weeks was amazing! The gash on her chin was completely healed, showing no mark from the stitches at all. That proved to me that her body has strong healing ability. I knew, though, that the kidneys don't regenerate and that their condition was still an issue. But to see her so much better, and to further improve during the next couple of days while we were there, was truly a miracle.

But now for the miracle that jumped out in front of us and said, "HEY! Look at me!" Lorraine had her regular blood tests on Thursday last week and got the results Monday this week. Her kidney count, technically speaking, dropped 3 points. Herein lies the miracle: that kind of improvement is unheard of where kidney disease is concerned. The doctor was as emotional as Lorraine and Earl. This doctor knows that her work goes hand-in-hand with God's work and these results were truly from God. In addition, all the other indicators in the tests were normal. Now Earl's challenge is getting Lorraine not to overdo it, but when she comes to him and says she is hungry, he thanks God to be able to give her all she wants to eat!

Prayers Cause Miracles!

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