Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pork Rinds Revisited

An interesting aspect of blogging is the phenomenon of visitors arriving via Google searches. This is great and I welcome all readers. The most curious Google searcher was one whose search included "pork rinds", of all things. Picture This At Last actually landed in the list of results! Well, I guess the post I wrote about Branson, Silver Dollar City, and other local attractions did include the words "pork rinds", describing them as tasty snacks found at Silver Dollar City.

Jerry and I paid another visit to Silver Dollar City this week. Wonderful acts from around the world are featured this month, including Irish dancers, Chinese acrobats, Scottish singers, to name a few. On the way to the venue for one of the shows we stopped at the Pork Rinds concession stand. I felt the interest in pork rinds deserved further research, and pictures. (You're kidding, right? Nope, serious.)

Pork rinds are amazingly simple to make. A scoop of pork rind chips quickly blow up to light puffs. It's all in the oil that is well over 400 degrees. Being nearly 100% fat I wouldn't put these on the healthy snack list. Dipping them in ranch dressing, or some other condiment, might improve the taste experience, but would only add to the cholesterol catastrophe. But, hey, it's all about the fun.

A scoop of pork rinds. I think they are smoke dried first.

When the chips hit the hot oil they puff up in a matter of seconds!

Our friendly host!

So, if you are searching for pork rinds, either on Google or at an amusement park, half the fun is watching the frying process. Yum!

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