Saturday, February 2, 2008

Water Water Everywhere!

We arrived safely in Norfolk Wednesday night. It was very dark when we got in and since we were headed toward the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay it seemed especially dark. With only three days for our visit with my son we had much to do in a short time. I have many great subjects for future blogs --- and pictures. I am not in the wireless age as yet, so I haven't been blogging while on the road, except to steal some time on Scott's computer.

Tonight we are repacking to make room for the treasures purchased along the way. Tomorrow we will go as far as the western end of Virginia and visit one of Mom's high school classmates. The stop after that will probably be Nashville and take time to see some sights. Home on Tuesday! I miss my hubby and babies (3 Shih Tzus and a black cat who you will all get to know in future posts.) The weather looks good all the way again.

We have been blessed with good roads, good weather, and God keeping us safe.

Keep watch for some great pictures and stories!

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Linda said...

Hope ya had a great time - no wait, I KNOW you had a great time!