Saturday, February 9, 2008

Fun at the Beach

It's a bit late here, but I have been editing about 200 pictures I took at Virginia Beach last weekend. Watching the waves come crashing to the shore, listening to the roar of the water, and taking in the smell of sea air are at the top of my list of favorite things. Taking pictures on the beach is endless fun! I want to take shots of each wave because each one is different. The best are the really big splashers! On this particular day there was a lot of activity including a wedding on the beach and half-naked people just standing around in the water. But more on that later. I'll be posting many pictures on here with only brief writing. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, let's get on with the pictures.

What would the beach be without sea gulls? I had the thrill of taking fast burst shots of a sea gull in flight. I took 33 pictures in less than 1o seconds of this beautiful flight, following the bird for a full 180 degree turn. I won't post all 33 images, but here are a few:

This little gull was chasing the waves and not a bit afraid of us. I love the reflection in the wet sand.

Of course, the crashing waves:

This dog was having the best time playing in the water. He would actually wait for the waves and jump into them. I think he is a frequent visitor to the beach because he couldn't wait for his owner to take the leash off.

What kid doesn't like chasing the waves?

Now, about the wedding: we saw the bridal party and guests arriving but Scott and I didn't stay to watch. Mom stayed back to do some shopping and watched it, which was a short ceremony. Apparently those wearing high heels in the sand were happy it was quick.

As for those half-naked people standing in the water. The bigger event on the beach was the Polar Plunge. A couple thousand people bundled in warm jackets filled the bleachers and cheered on dozens of people in the freezing water. The air was warmer than normal, but not the water! All was for a good cause: The Special Olympics.

Coming up, while we had a day at the beach, it was snowing back home.

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