Friday, February 8, 2008

Chesapeake Bay and Cape Henry Lighthouses

When Scott started looking at places to live in Norfolk he had several options. It was tough leaving the townhouse in Old Towne Alexandria where he liked to walk downtown to the Potomac River. The shops and restaurants there were so interesting. But in Norfolk he found an area that is being revitalized with new beach style homes and duplexes. He has always liked living near the water (a plus for a Navy officer) and found a new duplex only a block from the Chesapeake Bay. Here are a few pictures. His house is the first one, then some of the houses closer to the Bay. The other pictures are the Bay itself. The last one shows a long bridge to the right. That is part of the 22-mile Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnels. The gap between spans is one of two tunnels.

During our few days with Scott we got a pass to Fort Story Army Base. This base sits where the Chesapeake Bay pours into the Atlantic Ocean. The main attractions there are the Cape Henry lighthouses. I have a passion for lighthouses and being able to visit these was one of my favorite things on vacation. The newer lighthouse is the black and white stripe and is in operation. The old lighthouse is the brick structure and was completed in 1792. It was the first construction project approved by the First Congress. Scott and I climbed to the top of the old lighthouse and I took pictures of the wrought iron spiral staircase and the ship traffic moving from the Chesapeake Bay to the Atlantic.
Below are my mom and son. Guess which one isn't used to the cold wind coming off the Bay? It was very brisk!

Tomorrow: Virginia Beach, soaring sea gulls, a surf-loving dog and more.

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Downtown Dad said...

So now you know why Linda and I like the Chesapeake and Puget Sound so much!!!