Friday, August 28, 2009

Thematic Photographic 64 --- Big!

The Thematic Photographic theme this week over at Written, Inc. is BIG! The interpretation of that is endless. I have photographed truly big things, big events, big moments, and big mistakes. Then there are the little things I photographed to look big, and the big things I made look small. But some of my favorite subjects are the big animals at the zoo.

This fellow here is one of my favorite giraffes in all the zoos I've visited. He resides at the National Zoo in Washington, DC. Everything about him is big, from his big neck, big spots, big horns to those big brown eyes laced with big long eye lashes. I think he is also a big ham because he seemed ready to pose for all who approached. One thing is for sure, he brought big smiles to a lot of faces, big and small.

Join in the big fun and show us your BIG! Just jump over to Carmi's Written, Inc. for the rules and links to others' big photos.

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Jama said...

That's one gorgeous and gentle animal! did you noticed the purple long tongue?