Monday, August 24, 2009

I'd Like to Thank the Judges......

Hey, everyone, if you haven't checked out Mike's blog Ozark Photos you are not only missing out on some spectacular photography, but also stunning views of our beloved Ozarks of SW Missouri.

Mike recently hosted a contest to take high noon photos. We all know that high noon can put some very stark lighting and sharp shadows on our photos, but what a challenge to get some shots that really work. I took him up on that challenge and showed some of these shots here. I sent Mike the photo above for the contest and found out this morning that I won first place!! What a great way to start the morning! There were many great photos submitted so be sure to check out Ozark Photos to see them.

Thanks, Mike, for the fun challenge.... what's next? Thanks, everyone, for stopping by and I hope your week is wonderful!


In God We Trust

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