Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thematic Photographic #59 --- Elemental

Every Wednesday Carmi over at Written, Inc. runs a new photo challenge called Thematic Photographic. Tonight he gave us a very elemental theme --- in fact, that's it! Elemental! I also give credit to Mojo, the guru of photographic illusion. Together, Carmi and Mojo are a the gurus of blog and they came up with this theme. For hours of enjoyment jog on over to their sites.

With the theme of elemental the first thing I thought of was water --- and how much I love fountains. It is fascinating to see how water can be sculpted with pressure, nozzle shapes, and motion. Add some light to that and what a show!

Here in Branson we have no shortage of the element water, from the lakes to the underground water tables. Then there are the fountains! At the Branson Landing we have the Fire and Water show and a lovely reflecting pool in the main square. Last week we took our friends from Phoenix to the Landing and we enjoyed sitting in the square watching people and the fountains. Right at dusk I started snapping some photos to get the lights under the water while the shape of the water was still clear. The result is quite interesting. I don't know what I will do with this, other than post it here, but it is pretty!

If you are playing along with Thematic Photographic I look forward to seeing your photos. If you haven't played before, please do. The rules are over at Carmi's blog.

Thanks for stopping by!

6 comments: said...

LOVE this!!

Here is My Elemental

Vita Stunder said...

Gorgeous shot for elemental!! :)

Mine is up too!

Have a great day :)

Your Name said...

How beautiful!!

amanda said...

this is lovely it puts in my mind the memory of the water show at the Belagio in Vegas.

Carmi said...

You're way too kind. You're more of a guru than I'll ever be :)

Can I say how much I adore this picture? The geometry and light are amazing. I "get" how you got this shot, how you thought through the process and watched the fountain from a bunch of angles until you saw the one that you knew would pop the most.

It's pure joy to see results like this.

Carmi said...

Oops, almost forgot. Re. what you'll do with this, I've got a suggestion: Frame it. The symmetry would keep anyone staring at it for hours.