Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thematic Photographic #56 --- Aviation

Carmi at Written, Inc. just posted the theme for this week's Thematic Photographic.

Since the theme is aviation.....

and since today cyberspace is full of photos of the visible shock wave created by the Navy's new F-22 Raptor as it breaks the sound barrier......

Petty Officer 1st Class Ronald Dejarnett, USN
Library of Congress
U.S. Navy
Department of Defense

June 22: A U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor creates a visible shock wave as it passes over the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis in the Gulf of Alaska. The visual effect is created by moisture trapped between crests in a sound wave at or near the moment a jet goes supersonic.

and since I have some of my own photos of FA-18 Hornet supersonic shock waves......

it only made sense that I reprise some photos from my cruise-of-a-lifetime aboard the USS Dwight D Eisenhower (CVN69).

Gorgeous! I never get tired of looking at photos of our Navy's aircraft, especially when their power creates such a beautiful phenomenon of physics.

This new theme just started over at Carmi's, so you have plenty of time to get in your photos of aviation. Check it out and all the terrific photos from contributors.


Vicki said...

Beautiful photos!!! I bet that was amazing to see in person!

Vicki ~ FL said...

Great pictures ~ I always liked it during the Air Force Academy graduation when the Air Force flying team (Blue Angels, I think) flew over the stadium.

Carmi said...

Pardon me while I pick my jaw up off the floor, Barb. I dare say your photos of the Hornet shock waves have more dimension and depth than the one of the Raptor.

My $0.02, but you know you are a frighteningly good photographer.

g said...

Wow - great photos. Now I have to read about your cruise. What an opportunity!

Vita Stunder said...

Shiit.. You are a frighteningly good photographer as Carmi said!

You rock!


Melli said...

Oh my gosh!!! That must have been SO exciting! I would have been so in AWE I probably wouldn't have been able to operate the camera! These are just wonderful!

Oh! And I LOVE your BALTIMORE Orioles too! I live an hour from Baltimore and NEVER see an oriole... you live in Missouri - and seem to have plenty of them! LOL! said...

Absolutely beautiful shots.

Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

Wow, these shots are breathtaking. Truly. I'm so glad I stopped by.

I participated in TP this week too. Please stop by!