Monday, March 2, 2009

Thematic Photographic #38 --- Winter

Thematic Photographic is the brainchild of Carmi at Written, Inc. Each Wednesday evening he posts a theme and then participants --- any one who wants to play --- posts theme-related images on their blog. It's great fun and sometimes Carmi puts some toughies out there!

Take this week's theme: winter. When Carmi suggested this we had just seen some of our first sure signs of spring here in southern Missouri --- robins and red-winged black birds. We really weren't expecting wintry weather and I had already posted photos from our January ice storms. Carmi lives up in Canada and I think their winter last till June ;-) ! (My apologies to my Canadian friends! I know your winter only lasts till mid-May! Hee hee!) But what was I going to post? Well, on the last official day for reporting snowfall we had --- snowfall! We woke Saturday morning to a soft blanket of white and it continued to snow gently all day. Here on our ridge we got a couple of inches but the roads and driveways were still warm from the sunshine on Friday so the snow just made them wet. How cool is that? Beautiful, quiet snowfall and no shoveling!
Here are my images of winter:

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Pastormac's Ann said...

Oooo, these are nice. Love the lamp in the second one.

How convenient that you got just this soft blanket of snow just in time for Carmi's challenge.

Thanks for dropping by for a visit.

g said...

Wow, love the pics. What sweet dogs!! Really beautiful snow.

lisaschaos said...

Yay for the pretty white stuff! Love it! So winter's now kinda over for you?

Carmi said...

I can only imagine what the dogs were thinking...what I would give to be able to read their minds.

When I lived in Montreal, winter's effects often didn't fully disappear until mid-June, so no worries on that front, Barb! I measure everything by the bike season. In Montreal, first ride would usually take place around mid-to-late-April. But because there was so much salt, rock and grime on the road, the season wouldn't really kick off until mid-June when everything was cleaned and the late-season freak storms had stopped.

Now that I'm further southwest, that timeline has shifted to mid-March/late-April. I'm already counting the days.

Heidi said...

Your puppies crack me up! They are so adorable! I agree with Carmi... I would love to know what is going through their minds!

How have you been, Barb? I have not been blogging much lately... or reading blogs... but I sure keep you in mind when I need some stamping inspiration! Take care! Warmer weather is coming!

BA said...

emma cookie shakes are too lovely.
xoxoxo BA