Monday, November 24, 2008

Thematic Photographic 25 --- Broken Heart

Well, I thought that I would have just the one post for this week's theme, but then my brother Rick sent some awesome photos he took on a hike to Angels Rest overlooking the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. One photo in particular has a very poignant story behind it that Rick thought also fit the theme this week. Since Rick is without his own internet at this time, I am happy to help him participate. Here is the photo and the story, pretty much in Rick's words:

We had this hike planned for about a month but only four of our hiking club showed up because the weather forecast looked questionable. There was myself, M...... (the instigator of this whole hiking thing) and J..... and his wife K......

When we started, K..... took off on a whoop-ass pace and was out of sight within minutes. J..... turned to M..... and me and informed us that K.....’s dad had passed away a week ago and K..... almost didn’t come; in fact she had a breakdown on the drive to the gorge. She had emotional energy she needed to burn and he figured we wouldn’t see her again until we reached Angels Rest.

When I saw J..... and K..... in their moment of re-connection out on the rocks I wanted the shot but was pretty far away for my point-and-shoot. I cranked up my zoom, then hand held and, without the aid of my glasses, took what I figured would be a blurry shot and a lost moment.

When I downloaded the pictures and saw those broken rocks I thought of Carmi’s theme this week. Then realized I’d captured the moment and it, too, fit Carmi’s theme. A broken heart mourning her father's passing atop a mountain of broken rocks called Angels Rest. How appropriate.

I am pleased that their positioning preserves their anonymity during such a personal moment.
The hard hike and time alone with her thoughts and her dad's memory in a place of spectacular beauty called Angels Rest was just what she needed. She was in great spirits and re-charged.

I love the drama of landscape in this photo but the underlying story makes it incredibly special.

Now for a bonus.... Here are shots of the view from Angels Rest.

Thanks, Rick, for more awesome photos and a touching story amid all this beauty!


gina said...

probably the most poignant picture and story for this theme! and wow...what a view! breathtaking!

Carmi said...

My heart breaks reading and seeing this, but I am deeply thankful that you and Richard thought to share this here.

I pray for Katy, her Dad and their entire family. May they know no further sorrows. And may they someday be able to see this photo and identify with the rich sense of empathy and friendship with which it was taken.

me said...

Barb - great story, great photos. Are there any more talented ones in your family that will make us green with envy?

lisaschaos said...

Incredible story and photos! :)