Sunday, October 19, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings

This is a fun "free association" exercise passed on by Lisa at Lisa's Chaos. In case you want to play along I'll leave the list blank here, you can copy it and paste it to your blog with your own matching words, or put it in a comment here. Either way, let me know if you've done your own list. It's great fun to see how others think, too. Scroll down to see my matches.

1. Magical ::
2. Shrimp ::
3. Project Runway ::
4. Economy ::
5. Porch ::
6. State of affairs ::
7. .com ::
8. Fifty cents ::
9. Ripping ::
10. Bull ::

1. Magical :: Mystery Tour
2. Shrimp :: Scampi
3. Project Runway :: Not in my closet!
4. Economy :: A plot for a whodunnit book
5. Porch :: Swing
6. State of affairs :: on which soap opera?
7. .com :: .org
8. Fifty cents :: two coins to rub together
9. Ripping :: up junk mail
10. Bull :: well, I've sworn off profanity in my blogs, so my second thought was Durham

That was fun! Give it a try!


lisaschaos said...

I like the ripping up junk mail. :) And Bull Durham is a great movie. I can't take credit for the mutterings though, it started here

Martha said...

I just lovve your mutterings! I especially liked Magical Mystery Tour and ripping up junk mail! I think we're going to get along just perfectly! :-)