Monday, October 20, 2008

Thematic Photographic 20 - Blur: Smokey Smithy

The blacksmith at Silver Dollar City in Branson had a very hot fire going when I was there last week. Add to the mix a shift in wind direction and smoke was pouring into the retail shop, from which people were fleeing like bees from a smoke pot. He quickly closed the door to the shop and waited for the fire to burn down a bit. That's when I captured this picture. I like this photo a lot. The smoke created a surrealness and a small ceiling spotlight added the perfect lighting around his head. I'm especially glad he wore a red shirt that day!

As a different take on the Thematic Photographic theme, blur, the blacksmith is partially obscured by his environment, rather than my photo flub.

There are just a couple more days for this week's theme. Visit Carmi at Written, Inc. to share your blurry photos and to check out other's like a beautiful butterfly that MB posted.


Linda said...

This is a neat take on the "blurry" side...of course, just seeing this smoke makes my Phantosmia act up (I smell phantom smoke, usually firewood burning)....GREAT composition, though...I love how the red of his shirt stands out.

MB said...

I love the old-time feel to this shot. The red shirt is great bringing color into the black/white feel. If he didn't have the bright shirt I would think it would look really cool in sepia too.

Thanks for the compliment and link. I took the butterfly shot while visiting Butterfly World in Florida last year. I don't think I've ever seen such a colorful butterfly here in the northeast.

lisaschaos said...

It's funny that I never noticed blacksmiths before my camera. :) They do make wonderful subjects!

dianne - bunny trails said...

That is such an awesome shot! I love it. Also the way his red shirt pops! Great entry. :D

Carmi said...

What an ethereally lovely scene. I love how the smoke softens the background and offsets the red in his shirt. Gorgeous.

The new theme is now up. This week, we're getting happy. And considering how full your life is with happiness, I'm certain you'll have lots of happies to share through your lens.