Sunday, October 5, 2008

Thematic Photographic 18 --- Kids: Me!

In keeping with this week's Thematic Photographic subject, KIDS, I have some photos --- old photos --- of one kid in particular. I know this kid probably better than anyone, because I was, uh, am that kid. And because today is my birthday this little walk down memory lane is dedicated to my Mom, who would remember the days these photos were taken better than I, and to my Dad's memory, because he wanted a blonde little girl named Barbie.

While we look at pictures of our kids and our kids' kids, and the kids in the neighborhood, I also look at the kid in all of us. Some, by circumstance, didn't get to be a "kid" very long, taking on grown-up responsibilities at an early age to help the family. Then there are some who, by choice, keep that "kid" in them well into their adult years. But if I remember my Psych. 101, we all have the child in us for life, it just manifests itself in different ways throughout life's stages and events.

I know that I was once a kid. Here are the pictures to prove it. Though a pretty serious kid: studied, had my nose in a book all the time, wrote letters to everyone in the family and to penpals, began making my own clothes at a young age and cooking for the family, and was always involved in art of some kind. Today, I still study, read a lot, write -- though generally in my blog now. I rarely cook; a domestic diva I am not. And I gave up sewing a few years ago. Art is still a major part of my life, but now in the form of photography, cardmaking and writing.

So, happy birthday to me! I am still a kid in the ways that I have always been a kid. A wise young boy once said, "I won't ever grow up!" (Peter Pan) My analytical mind tells me that Peter Pan was a story about each and every one of us. So, as we celebrate kids in the TP this week, celebrate yourselves, too!


Carol said...

I enjoyed your 'little girl' photos so much Barb, thay are the cutest!... I love the one near the end of you and the little boy.. priceless...

Happy Birthday dear friend... celebrate your special day and blow out all those candles so your wish will come true.... ((( hugs )))

It's Time to Live... said...

You win, Cute Kid Award, Thanks for sharing.

Barb said...

Thanks, Carol. I was a flower girl in a wedding and my mom had made the bride's dress as well as mine. I still have that little dress packed away in my cedar chest!

Carmi said...

I'm so glad you chose to share these, Barb. What a wonderful tribute to your childhood, and to your parents. I'm also glad you reminded us that we were all once kids, too. And in many respects, we still are (well, my wife DOES say that I've never fully grown up, so...)


I love the spirit of this entry. May every birthday be blessed, and may we have many to share in the years to come. Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...


Nice pix! Happy Birthday again!

Separate subject . . . Google news on Eisenhower and Sailor . . . some sad news.


lisaschaos said...

Happy Happy birthday!! I loved the walk down your memory lane! Hope you ate lots of cake and had a GREAT day!

me said...

What a beautiful child! Happy birthday baby! I may be late to the party but there will be giggles a plenty I'm sure. May each birthday be better than the last!

As always...Thanks for the support!!! a few of my girlfriends "blog buddies" are flying in to see her (first meetings). Blog friends are like the friends you left behind when you moved away and are still in touch with, but without the moving away first.