Monday, October 27, 2008

Macro Monday

This week's Macro Monday features gorgeous exotic butterflies from all over the world. We have the privilege of seeing these amazing creatures at The Butterfly Palace in Branson. They have dozens of breeds of butterflies from Central and South America as well as Africa, Asia and Australia. Here are just a few of the beauties I was able to capture. More will appear in future Macro Monday posts.

This majestic beauty is a Paper Kite from SE Asia and Australia. From November 1 thru January 15 hundreds of these butterflies are featured in "White Flight", a holiday exhibit. I will be going back for that!

A bowl full of butterflies includung a couple of Paper Kites and a Leopard Lacewing, the orange and black. I'm not sure what the brown one is.

This striking black and white was content to sit very still on an orchid. It wasn't always this easy to catch a shot as there were hundreds of butterflies flying all over the pavilion.

The Giant Owl is from Central and South America and measures 4-6" long. Of the dozens we saw they were either folded like this on the side of a tree or flying high overhead. When opened the top side of their wings are a light blue.

Now this is a macro shot! She was kind enough to sit still while I had the lens practically touching her!

Yes, this butterfly has transparent wings, as you can see a Paper Kite right through him!

The Butterfly Palace is a very magical place and I will be returning often!


Anonymous said...

These are absolutely beautiful! Great captures!

lisaschaos said...

WOW! Beautiful butterflies!! I can't wait to see more but I am totally enjoying these! :)

gina said...

i love visiting butterfly houses. these are gorgeous. good job.

Jama said...

These are awesome macros!

Heidi said...

How fun! I have never been to a butterfly house before... now I will have to check one out sometime!

Beautiful photos!