Tuesday, September 2, 2008

USS Eisenhower Family Day -- Flight Deck

After driving 600 miles today we are in Lexington, KY, headed for home tomorrow. But I just had to put out a few more photos from last weekend. Here are some pics from the flight deck:

Flight deck from the bow. I couldn't even get the full length and width in one frame. The total area of this deck is 4.5 acres.
The "island".

Part of one of the catapult tracks that launch the jets.

Not sure what this is called, but I call it the trigger. It is what the jet attaches to that takes it down the catapult track. The handsome guy in uniform is my son. :-)

One of the "shooter" lookouts which is nearly in the middle of the flight deck, between the catapults. This person has the final decision on a jet launch and actually pushes the button to the catapult.

The other shooter lookout at port side. The red and blue lights are signals to the jets coming in for landing.

We made many, many, MANY trips up and down these ladder wells. They are very steep and actually easier to go up than down. Up they are like a ladder with really sturdy handrails; down the treads aren't deep enough for even my size 7s --- very awkward. The guys just slide down using the rails. Scott spent a lot of time waiting for me --- and laughing.
Coming up: Air show at sea! Some great shots coming up --- I LOVE my Canon 40D!


It's Time to Live... said...

Glad you liked the door / gas pump on my blog. I check into your blog every week and follow whats going on. I really should comment more but just know there are many like me lurking in the background! Sometimes we take photos of wildlife and sometimes old gas pumps. Thanks for your comments. I will be luring in the background. PS - if you notice there is a link from my blog to yours.

Carol said...

Great photos Barb and your son is one fine looking gentleman.

I remember those ladder stairs, they are tricky to say the least, but the guys can go up and down lickity-split.

I guess you should be home soon, your two shih-tzus will be really happy to see you and you them... :) I think you need some R&R now. Thanks for sharing your adventure, it was fun.