Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thematic Photographic 15 - Closeup of 5-Legged Grasshopper

Yesterday I leaned over the banister of the balcony and came eye-to-eye with this little guy. I am not overly nuts about grasshoppers, but they are less harmful to me than bees. Besides, this fellow had only 5 legs, all the more reason I was surprised to see him at 90 degrees to the ground. Those little hooks on his 5 remaining legs had quite a grip.

So, until Carmi puts out Thematic Photographic #16 tomorrow night, my grasshopper and I will be hoppin' it will be another fun one!


Carol said...

That's a super closeup of this little guy Barb. I like the 1st one with the green background. It was swell of him to stay still while you snapped the photos, nice guy!

lisaschaos said...

He's an interesting looking fellow!