Saturday, August 30, 2008

USS Eisenhower Friends and Family Day Cruise!!

OMG what a day! Couldn't wait to put out a little note that the day on the "Ike" was amazing to the nth degree!! I am one sunburned-muscle-sore-dog-tired puppy with over 3G of photos to sort through and show off! Very awesome shots, if I may say so myself. Perfect weather and seas as smooth as glass.

I cannot end this day without dropping to my knees and thank God for the freedoms we enjoy --- and shamefully take for granted --- because of the heroes and heroines of this ship and every other military post. And that we have such an incredible privilege to board this ship and nearly have free run of it, take a cruise for an open sea air power demonstration, and have dozens of other activities going on all day. Not to mention all the food you could possibly want from 4:00 am to 6:00 pm. I'll be posting about this over the next few days, with photos.

Go Navy!

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pattie said...

What a wonderful experience you had...the pictures are awesome...this post brought tears to my eyes...we who complain about the mundane...yes...we are living the dream aren't we!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!
Artfully Yours,