Friday, June 6, 2008

Thematic Photographic 1 - Automotive

One of my favorite bloggers is Carmi at Written Inc. This week he started a fun challenge and opportunity to learn from and about other bloggers. In his Thematic Photographic 1 - Automotive post this week he displays the side door of a very shiny red car, proving that beauty can be found all around us, even when it teases our senses into thinking sexy and fast sports car.

In response I am displaying a surprising phenomenon when the sun hit the tailgate of my shiny black truck. Before we left Arizona last year the temperatures were still in the 100's and the sun quite high. The angle of the sun was just right and created this shadow/reflection of the "Chevrolet" logo onto the driveway. Maybe this was more pronounced because it fell into the shade of the garage, but it was a photo op, nonetheless.

So, I extend this invitation to my readers to share any automotive picture, story, or comment.


Linda said...

that's really COOL...I will now be on the lookout for reflections like that!

Carmi said...

I'm with Linda: cool beyond words. Good on you for capturing something no one else would have noticed. THIS is precisely why I started Thematic Photographic, and I'm so glad you dove right in with this great photographic experience.

Freaky-cool...and you are way too kind!

creme brulee aka GH said...


the first photo is a real puzzler and very rare, in my opinion. first time for me.

once I connect with an old hard-drive I have photos/reflections from the side of cars - but not as unique as yours!

well done. opportunity knocked and you answered the door.



creme brulee aka GH said...

Hi Barb,

You left a good comment back at It Strikes Me Funny.

If interested in biking perhaps buy a used bike to try it out. Maybe a 500cc Kawasaki, 650cc Suzuki or 750cc Honda Shadow. My used 1984 1000cc Yamaha has lots of ride left, gets decent mpg and was so inexpensive I couldn't say No.

But now, way things are going, I'm definitely thinking my next bike will be smaller.


Weary Hag said...

What a great find, photographically speaking! Good catch on your part.

Hello. I came here via Carmi's blog, via Kenju's blog ... Just wanted to say that the little photo of you (?) in your profile pic is simply precious!

I have a pic of me in bl & wh from the same era and it reminded me of that.

Just wanted to say that ... it caught my eye.
Happy blogging!