Friday, May 23, 2008

Fire Aboard the USS George Washington - Scott is OK

The news today is reporting the fire aboard the USS George Washington that occurred yesterday morning. The ship was off the coast of South America at the time. Here are a few links to reliable coverage of the fire:

WAVY TV, NBC affiliate in Norfolk

I received a call at 6:00 this morning from one of Scott's peers in Norfolk. He told me the details, pretty much as has been reported. The Navy Ombudsman also sent out emails and made phone calls to the families. The fire knocked out the email capability and much of the phone system, so my regular weekly phone call and other emails from Scott won't be possible for a few days. They are still on schedule to reach San Diego next week, so Scott's plans to drive coast to coast are still on track.

It was nice to get the call, but very scary at first. I wasn't quite awake, but expected to hear Scott's voice when I saw the caller I.D. It is very interesting how many things can run through your mind between the words "I've been asked to call you because there was a fire in the USS George Washington..." and "Scott is fine, he just wanted me to let you know ....." Actually, I was beginning to wonder why his weekly call seemed a bit late.... it's a "Mom thing."

Thank God that the injuries were not serious and the ship will be pulling into port soon.

Go Navy! Go USA! God bless America!

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Michele said...

Christopher arrived home for the weekend from Norfork at 12am this morning and told me about the fire I'm so glad to hear that Scott is OK

A great BIG hug from another Navy/GW Mom