Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Advance of a Storm

The months of February and March this year saw record-breaking rainfall amounts. In fact, the total rainfall for 2008 so far is nearly half of the yearly average for this area. Areas of southern Missouri and northern Arkansas are still under flood waters. The storms come every few days with only a couple of clear days in between, if we are lucky.

As dreadful as these storms have become, there is no denying the powerful beauty of a storm approaching at sunset. Living on this ridge we see beautiful sunsets and, often, the advance of storm clouds. These pictures were from March 27 about 6:30 p.m. The clouds were moving in opposite directions while the setting sun continued to push light through the crevasses of the billowing clouds.

We have been blessed with two days of beautiful weather. Jerry took advantage of this break to cut the rapidly growing grass and to clean the garage. Forecasters tell us that most of the coming week will bring more rain. The Ark still hasn't pulled up in our driveway, but a boat of just about any size could float on any of the swollen lakes around here. Ahoy, matey! Land, ho!

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