Saturday, March 8, 2008

Determination Comes In All Sizes

I love stories about animals, especially those stories that dispell the notion that animals are "dumb". Here is a true story about a little Italian Greyhound named Minnie whose determination and resourcefulness belie her fragile stature. I don't have an actual picture of Minnie, but for illustration purposes picture this little darling as I relate the tale of Minnie and the bed covers.

The cast of characters: Minnie, of course; Lil, Minnie's owner; Merry Sue, Lil's daughter; Helen, Lil's friend (and my mom).

Earlier this week Helen was in Sioux City and brought a couple of visitors home with her: daughter Patty and good friend Lil. Lil was looking forward to getting away for a few days so made arrangements with her daughter Merry Sue to check on the house and Minnie while she was away. Minnie is used to sleeping under the covers of Lil's bed but when bedtime came and Lil wasn't there to turn down the covers Minnie took it upon herself to get comfortable. The next morning when Merry Sue came to the house she found a very exhausted Minnie under the comforter and blankets that she had pulled off the bed and onto the floor. It must have taken the poor little thing all night to get under the covers. Merry Sue put the bedding back on the bed and, wisely, turned the covers down. The next morning a well-rested Minnie came crawling out from under the covers, still on the bed.

I would love to read more stories about our furry companions. Please share in your comments.

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