Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Could This Be Spring?

At 74 degrees, today was the closest to spring weather we have had yet. Definitely a day to enjoy because tomorrow is forecast to be 44 and raining. (sigh) In the spirit of carpe diem Mom and I decided to get out and enjoy the beautiful day. One of my favorite places to walk and shop is Branson Landing. I call it a miniature Kierland Commons after the beautiful shopping/residential square in Scottsdale. Open only a couple of years, Branson Landing winds along the shore of Lake Taneycomo and features great shopping, restaurants, fountains, hotel and condos. Shops are easily accessible along the brick mall and a trolley comes along every fews minutes to make the trip quicker:

Overlooking the mall and Lake Taneycomo are the Hilton Hotel and luxurious condominiums:

Today I couldn't resist sitting in the sun and watching people, sometimes with their pets, strolling along and enjoying the dancing waters of the fountain. I really had the most fun capturing the crystal clear water in motion, freeze-framing it with amazing results!

This English Bulldog was thirsty but seemed very concerned about falling in!

I love the way the water mimics the young trees here:

I like the way the angle of the fountain contrasts with the straight lines of the structures.

Come on over to Branson! There's a bench by the fountain waiting just for you! That little tree will be providing shade in just a few weeks!

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