Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Made For Keeps Originals Now Open

After what seems like years of planning and dreaming, my little business of photography and handmade designer greeting cards is now open. As I mentioned in my last post we were busy setting up at the Branson Craft Mall. Here are some pictures of my shop. The right side displays our photography in frames and unframed. The left side will showcase the greeting cards. The back wall has a variety of merchandise as well as brochures and other information. The location of my shop is halfway down the center aisle --- just come in the front door and keep walking straight ahead!

Mom is looking forward to another successful year with her sweatshirt jackets.

There are so many fun shops to explore and some of the vendors are at their shops all day. They have actually set up so they can work there. A favorite is Nan's Classic Creations featuring decorated shirts and tops. Nan has a luxurious variety of tops with sparkle! I also met Betty who makes microwave potato pockets. Really! These are the greatest things: padded fabric pocket that holds a potato, yam, or ear of corn for microwaving. Everyday in her on-site workshop she sews up these pockets in a multitude of fabric patterns and colors.

One of the favorite spots in the Craft Mall is the Men's Sitting Room. A corner has been comfortably furnished with couches, TV, magazines and beverages so no one has to miss the big game while their spouse is browsing all the fun shops. It does take some time to explore. The bus tours that come by allow at least an hour for their groups to shop.

Branson has been a quiet little town since the holidays, but everyone is gearing up for the return of our very welcome visitors. We are already seeing out-of-state plates. If you haven't been here before, just point yourself toward the center of the U.S. map and get ready for a great time and lots of shopping!

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Weary Hag said...

Congratulations on your own little shop! Boy, I can't stand typical shopping (malls, etc) but that is EXACTLY my cup of tea... wandering along stopping at craft booths and shops ... I just checked out Branson (on your links) and just last night my husband and I were talking about it, and all the neat theaters and such.
It has to feel good to have a selling niche all your own! Much luck to you.