Thursday, December 6, 2007

Feeling Like Winter --- at last!

It's beginning to feel like winter! For those who know I've lived in Phoenix for the past 30 years, you might be thinking that I am referring to the temperatures being below 90 degrees. Sorry, I mean the REAL winter! Temperatures in the 40's daytime with winds in the same range. This adds up to "wind chill" (as opposed to "heat index") of about 20 degrees. The sky is the color of a well-used quarter. The air has that unmistakable feel of snow. It makes your skin tingle with anticipation as minuscule ice balls pelt your cheeks. Then your nose starts to run like a waterfall.... well, you get the picture.
There is a period of time between the golden wonder of autumn and the blinding white of the first blanket of snow. That period of time varies, but, unless an early snow flocks the golden leaves still on the trees, it can be very gloomy. Well, this is the gloomy time. The anticipated snow is really just a steady, misty rain that freezes after dark. The trees are bare and cast no shadows. It's like the world becomes two-dimensional. That is until you drive to our house on country roads that go for miles up and down hills without a single straight-away. Our commute is really beautiful, even on gloomy days. So here are some pictures on the road to our house on a day that feels like winter. Enjoy!

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